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Sam Lau - Director of Salon (Salon de Coiffure)
Since I have installed a Commercial Nano Reverse Osmosis Water System at my shop, I feel I have become to love drinking more water. My health improves. And my urinating problem and stool constipation are released. My spiritual status has also improved. But the most important thing is that my customers often ask me why the coffee they drink at my restaurant is always more tasteful than those at home. I am really happy about that. Actually the key to my success is ¡§Unpolluted good water can always bring to customers the best taste. And this is always what I am pleased to do.

Mrs. Chu - Housewife (Shatin)
I am an ordinary housewife. I never have any special requirements on or sound knowledge about drinking water. However, since I have started drinking Nano Reverse Osmosis water two years ago, my feelings towards water has totally changed. Beside its pure and palatable taste, pure water has obviously improved my body and spiritual status. Moreover, something miracle has happened to me. I had long been suffering from serious waist pain. Particularly when I sat on the chair or laid on the bed after finishing household affairs, it was so painful that I had to get up with my hands on something. However, after drinking pure water for six months my pain has obviously gone. I now believe good water can really improve our health. And I think the culture of drinking pure water is very share-worthy. Besides, there¡¦s one more thing pleasing me most. My son had been suffering from allergic nose. But now, his situation apparently improves. In fact, DBI Nano Water System never functions to add any miracle healthy essence to the water. It just merely functions to isolate damaging essence from the water, resuming its original nature. By doing so, the purified water can bring to our bodies miracle effects. I have been being benefited. Hence I recommend that you try it. Anyway, you need to drink everyday!?

Steve & Anny Metz ¡V Teacher (Discovery Bay)
We live in Greenery Court, Discovery Bay. Our 2 sons, ages 7 and 8, have had complained about some stomach problems on and off. We have tried to sort out the reasons why. It was not the food itself, for we bought them fresh. Our friend has introduced us to the NANO water system. Since the installation of the water system, there have been little complains from the children about their stomach. The company maintains the water filter periodically. We feel very safe about our drinking water.

For a long time past, I paid little attention to the drinking water. I drank just to quench my thirst. However, it was completely changed since I have started to drink "Healthy real water". I was suffering from allergic skin since childhood and had to take pills to relieve the symptoms. A doctor told me that allergic skin couldn't be cure once and for all. What I can do is to take care on dietary habit. The allergic skin does not attack me since I have started to drink" healthy real water"for about two weeks time and I feel much better than before. I recommend this product to all my friends.
Supplement data: In the view of Chinese medical science, allergic skin is due to the imbalance of internal organs that causes toxins to accumulate inside the body and a number of dermatitis symptoms appear without clear reasons.

Bill Chan
I was diagnosed as having gastro duodenal ulcer after long years of stomachache and had to take remedies to get well. The pain that even woke me up during sleeping and needed to get up to take pills in order to sleep again. Therefore, I have to bring the remedies along wherever I go.
I started to drink"healthy real water"three months ago. I do not feel any stomachache since then. The most unexpected joy is that I need not take any remedy at all. I am deeply convinced that"healthy real water" can cure and prevent hundreds kinds of illness.

May & Irene
I drink the"healthy and pure water" as a way to purge my stored harmful waste and toxins from my body. When I first started, I experienced a mild diarrhea and headache, but it was short-lived. To my surprise the menstrual pain that had been annoying me for many years was significantly relieved. I still remembered the menstruation that came about 6 weeks after I began drinking the "healthy and pure water" (Before that my menstruation cycle came almost every 6 months). That period lasted 15 days, and associated with it a mild fever and headache. The menstrual "flow" was more than usual. But unlike before, the process was very smooth. Moreover, I was delighted to notice that my daughter's skin problem was also cured. I give her DBI water for drinking as well as for bathing. Now her skin becomes so soft and the skin flaking problem was all but gone. My daughter is very happy and now drinks water regularly becuase it just tastes good. She even names the DBI water " sweet sweet water".




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