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Why Reverse Osmosis can stand above all general filtration system using adhesive filter cartridges?

The effective method of producing pure water for drinking íV By means of Reverse Osmosis, we can abstract high degree of pure water from dissolved (or polluted) liquids with high density. Because of the extremely tiny holes (as 0.0001 micron) on the semi-permeable membrane, only molecule of water can pass through it. Therefore, Reverse Osmosis can be used to remove all known essence such as pollutants, bacteria, and viruses etc.

Reverse Osmosis is an Isolation Technology More Superior than Filtering Technology:

Although Reverse Osmosis seems to be a filtering technology applies materials such as clothes, sands, metal screen, activated carbon and silicon porcelain to the filter cartridges. And all these materials have sparse holes, which allow feed water to flow them through entirely. Since the filter cartridges are not semi-permeable membranes, they allow water and essences inside it such as the impurities and dissolved solids (including salt and pollutants) to pass through. Eventually, impurities in bigger size will accumulate in the cartridges.
In fact, there is no difference between the feed water and the filtrate according to their chemical composites. Because no matter what the dissolvable materials are, for example salt, ion, or solvent pollutants, they will still stay behind on the filtrate. On the other hand, Reverse Osmosis can perform its function in isolation. It can isolate the molecules of water and the dissolved essences from the feed water, and ultimately produced pure water.

Cross-Flow Membrane Will Never Accumulate Pollutants:

Reverse Osmosis applied cross-flow membrane that makes pressured feed water flow through the membrane in a balanced status. The molecules of water can pass through the extremely tiny holes on the membrane while other materials such as impurities not dissolvable in water, bacteria, and dissolved solids cannot pass through the membrane due to their bigger sizes. And these materials will be instantly drained along with the waste water. As a result, useless impurities and pollutants will never accumulate in the membrane.

On the other hand, general filter cartridges can easily turn out to be hiding places for bacteria, growing hear-based bacteria and polluting viruses when waste materials accumulate too much in them.



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