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DBI Nano Water System specialized in water purification systems.

Our goal is to provide inexpensive, safe, clean and healthy water to all walks of lives.

DBI's series of Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) water systems had widely been recognized as perhaps the best available in the market. It's wide range of product suit households, offices, educational institutions, outdoor facilities and restaurants.

R.O. filtering technology was invented by NASA via DOW. At present, R.O. filtering is the only technology recognized and still being used by US Army and the Defense Department. The R.O. filter is 5000 times more effective than the traditional active carbon filter and the porcelain filter.


In the past, the only choice for drinking water in any corporation is distilled bottled water which consumed valuable office space for storage, and wasted valuable human resources for purchasing and book-keeping. With DBI Nano Water Systems, they not only eliminate the cumbersome water storage problem but they are also significantly economical as compare to bottled water. In the long term, your company can save up to 85 percent on drinking water cost each year. 


DBI's professional sales executives can offer the best choice of water purification system to suit your actual need. Be it standard models or highly specialized products, our dedicated sales and support teams will always serve you promptly. Our top notch technical and customer service teams will also provide un-matched after-sales services to you for years to come.





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